Sunday, 30 January 2011

A White One

Sunday January 30
Disgusted with our batsmen's capitulation in the Gabba ODI and Murray's anhilation in the Aussie Open, we drove to Lowestoft late morning. Ness Point was grey but not too cold. No sign of our target bird but three Purple Sandpipers on the rocks with Turnstones.
A slow drive along the front, inspecting all the gulls on the buildings, especially the Birdseye factory, mainly Black-headed with a few Herring.
Next stop, a seaside car park at the end of Corton Road, it's entrance blocks too narrow for all but the smallest saloons. We parked outside.
Jammy, a scope was already in situ, it's owner looking at the Iceland Gull perched on a distant groyne. Good year tick and, our first non Norfolk addition.

Cropped Photograph taken with 400 lens

Nothing ventured........I haven't tried photographing through my scope simply holding my Ixus to the eyepiece.
This is the result, not scintillating but better than I expected. Must practice.

Leathes Ham is like someone's very large duckpond, full of many duck species - but how many are genuinely wild? No sign of the eight Scaup reported seen this morning though.
Home in time to watch Man City score a late equaliser against Notts County in the FA Cup. We've drawn (Man U) Crawley in the next round, the last 16. Should be a nice little earner for Crawley.

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