Sunday, 13 March 2011


March 13
Mid morning before we left home for Cley. Salthouse first to scan the Eye lump - not helped by a birder wandering all over it.We often see our first Wheatear here, not to-day.
After a visit to the Cley deli, it was time to scan the large flock of Brent geese from a very muddy gateway at the junction of Beach Road and the 148. At least two Pale-bellied Brent for the month list, couldn't find any Black Brant though. 
Parking at Beach car park (Coastguards), facing the Eye Field, I scanned left and Pam looked straight ahead. She immediately saw a lovely spring-fresh male Wheatear. Excellent. One of our earliest Norfolk birds, arriving on the forecast southerly wind.
Back to Salthouse for another look and a hot drink from Julian, the van man, whilst eating lunch. Don't ask...... This is one of Brenda's favourite weekend stops for a coffee and there she appeared. Pam went off to tell her about the Wheatear which was her aim too, hope it was still there for her.
Gunton Lake is our nearest place to see early Hirundine, not usually as early as this but you never know.  No Hirundine but, our first Grey Wagtail,  which flew off as soon as we saw it, not to be found again.
Three Siskins on the niger again to-day and the Tawny Owls are being very vocal - for Pam !

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