Saturday, 2 July 2011

Some July Moths

Saturday July 2
We have yet to do our monthly birding big day, it may well have to wait until the middle of next week. We've got Red Kite on the month list and, a Norfolk Buzzard calling above the garden.

Yesterday was warm and the night partially cloudy, good moth-ing conditions. We had one new one for the garden amongst the dozens caught. I had a beautiful, pristine male Swallowtail Moth fly in this afternoon. My futile attempts to catch it were video worthy I'm sure!! Pam caught a glimpse of our first ever Broad-bordered Hummingbird Moth flitting along the wall bed yesterday - I missed it and she didn't see it well enough.
Three Hawk-moths. We trapped our first Lime Hawk-moth last month but it had somehow escaped the trap by morning. Next time, it will be potted immediately!
Poplar Hawk-moth

Elephant Hawk-moth

Privet Hawk-moth

Buff Arches

Lesser Cream Wave - the new one for the garden

This Field Grasshopper was on the outside plastic of the Sun Lounge. I don't know what the red insect is........

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  1. Some nice pictures of the hawk moths. The one you've labelled Burnished Brass is a Buff Arches though.
    All the best,