Saturday, 5 November 2011

First of the Month on the 4th!

Friday Nov 4
We woke to a dark and damp morning which delayed our departure until 6.50. The weather worsened as we drove west, it was definitely a 'why are we doing this' morning. The rain becoming very heavy at times, enough to make us eat our breakfast sitting in the car at Abbey! Abbey was as bad as on Monday, apart from a family of Grey Partridges crossing the lane in front of us and a small flock of wildly careering Redwing diving into the hedgerows out of view, until one perched in the open for us to admire.
All the expected waders at Snettisham, I had one opportunity to use my scope out of the window without getting drenched. A large flock of finches swooping around the bushes held Chaffinches, greenfinches and Linnets but nothing more exciting.
Definitely a day for breakfast at Tesco in Hunstanton! Mine cost under £3 and Pam's just over £4 - she had an extra egg, hash brown and mushrooms. Incredibly good value and very nice too.
As we we were leaving Holme NOA, a female Hen Harrier showed briefly on three occasions above the dunes. Lovely, well spotted Pam.
At 11.45, it stopped raining and the sun came out for nearly three hours, wonderful. Scanning the west end of Holkham marsh from the layby, Pam asked me to check a blob in a distant tree - I was scanning the geese for something different. A soggy juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard. Let's hope it stays for the winter.
Last stop was Gunton in the hope of a Great Crested Grebe to make it a list of 70 for the day. No luck.
I'd had a very dozy afternoon, not managing to keep my eyes open very much at all ! It's all catching up with me I suppose.  After supper at Kate and Jim's, I was very late to bed too - and slept on and off until 10 a.m. Saturday morning. Unheard of!

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