Thursday, 24 November 2011

Not as Planned

Thursday November 22

We'd planned a full day out - until I got up with a numb hand and an exceedingly painful wrist/forearm. (legacy of the Aus injury) It didn't improve so we drove via the doctor's and got an appointment for 10.20. That scuppered the plans.
As I expected, probable RSI/ carpal tunnel syndrome/tendonitis, rest it, don't use the mouse, keep taking the tablets. Except that the Diclofenac was changed to Naproxen following recent official advice to the Health Service. Blooming old crock...
After the visit we drove to Friary Hills Blakeney and climbed tot he top of the hill (well, it is in Norfolk), sat on the bench and scoped the marsh. The cows were very distant, just a load of Wigeon, 2 Canada Geese and a lone Barnacle in view. After scanning thoroughly, I focused the scope on the cattle, more in hope than expectation. Hedges prevented viewing much of the pasture. After five minutes, an Egret rose into the air and flew high east before circling and landing so that I could see its orange legs. It spooked a Little Egret which looked slightly bigger and whiter in comparison. A few minutes later, it rose again and flew east, landing out of view.
Our first Cattle Egret of the year. Luckily, I managed to get Pam on to it! Not so lucky, the birder who arrived as we were leaving and left soon afterwards.
A long scan of the geese west of Salthouse duckpond failed to find either of the two reported Tundra Bean Geese amongst the Greylag. Again, they were quite distant with a restricted view, they could well have been there.

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