Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The East Wind Doth Blow (I know it's north wind...)

Tuesday January 31
Don't know about Poor Robin.....but we were very cold on Yarmouth south beach. What a day to choose to look for the Velvet Scoter present there for at least a week. Unsuccessfully too, that hurts my pride. Heavy swell and a biting east wind directly into my face, weeping eyes, runny nose and freezing hands to boot. Might have felt differently if we'd found the bird. A couple of Red-throated Divers and a passage of breeding plumaged Cormorants were the sole reward.
At least the car is clean though, sugar beet harvesting plays havoc with the roads round here. The carwash near Asda does a good job, the man who did the pre wash to-day was especially good. The car, wheels an' all looked clean before we went through. Very polite too - Eastern European of course.
We did have a Woodcock walk out into the road near the Hannants' house on the Stalham road, fortunately, both us and the car behind, swerved and missed it.
Home via Winterton Beach, no dog walkers to-day, the beach and car park were deserted. Several more Red-throats, Cormorants, 3 Gannets, 8 Snow Buntings and a flight of 18 Red-breasted Mergansers (most I've seen in Norfolk), made for a pleasant interlude.. - all from the car in its comparative warmth.
No birding to-morrow, coffeee morning. Feb 1 long day listing will have to wait until Friday, Pam has a dental app on Thursday. We'll probably do a couple of shorter trips locally.

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