Thursday, 5 January 2012

Stir crazy

Thursday January 5
No birding for 3 days......Obviously Yodel were not going to come - again - and pick up the parcel for Amazon.
Still a tremendous wind but, less than last night and Scotland and the north's hurricane. It was gone 3 before we set off for Winterton, very dark to the east, apricot sky topped and bottomed by forest-like gun-metal cloud in the west and the setting sun. We went as directly as possible, arriving at the beach in time for a bit of sea watching before sunset.
The wind was gusting strongly from the north-west, hurling any passing birds at breakneck speed to the south. Any attempting to fly north were virtually stationary. An angry sea with deep troughs was great to look at, difficult to see any sitting birds. A few Red-throated Divers, several Kittiwakes and two Gannets were added to the list before the light faded completely.
Maybe the Horsey raptor roost would be worth a look. At least six Marsh Harriers and a single Kestrel. No sign of the hoped for Cranes or Short-eared Owls.
Good to be out.

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