Thursday, 26 January 2012

Unplanned Detour

Thursday January 26
After lunch with friends at Salhouse Garden Centre and a quick shop in Roys, the sun came out. We turned right at Roys roundabout and took the road to Ludham Bridge, where we spent some time scanning the marshes.
What are the odds of finding 1 Whooper, 1 Bewick and 3 Mute Swans together? Not for long, the Mutes had a youngster and drove the 'wild' swans away, wings flailing, neck outstretched, beak open and hissing. Very impressive - and effective.
As the sun reached the horizon and the sky took on an apricot hue, a male Marsh Harrier hunted along a dyke and, best of all, two Common Cranes flew rapidly to their roost. Lovely.
Thanks for the tip, J.A.

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