Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Always Hoping

Wednesday April 11
At Barton Broad boardwalk soon after 9 a.m. Plenty of bird song on a lovely sunny and almost windless morning. Our first Barton Blackcap, Wrens, Chaffinches, Robin, Blue and Great Tits, ChiffChaffs and a shouting Cetti's. The most welcome was that of our first Willow Warbler halfway along the boardwalk.
As soon as we arrived at the platform, I saw a Little Gull flying around doing its dipping down to the water routine, showing its dark underwings. There were three altogether, two spending time perched on a line of distant buoys where I digiscoped them.

A Great Crested Grebe floated by.

One flew up and away, the first time I recall hearing their call.
Five Common Terns in long-tailed, pristine summer plumage, patrolled the far shore too, 0ne eventually landing to rest on the line of buoys.
More digiscoping efforts.......

The Common Tern is on the left !!

Hopes fulfilled to-day.

Some Barton carr reflections.


And Above
A toss up. Pipe Dump for a Hoopoe or The Hangs for Ring Ouzel? Tha Hangs won, we both dislike negotiating the dunes behind Waxham Sands Camp Site. The owner is feral where birders are concerned, he's fenced the area off and has fierce dogs! I understand the need for safety and keeping the campers safe but........we always used to be able to walk through around the edge.
The Hangs is an area extending from Salthouse Heath down to the coastal marshes. Half a dozen cars parked roadside gave hope of extra eyes. We walked half a mile to the edge of the heath seeing nothing - and no-one. Where now? Starting the downward walk along a cart track, we saw two birders walking towards us. Hurrah.Not far now, they'd seen the birds along a green verge to the north of a hedge leading to the Tumuli area.
I could hear the murmur of voices. They were sat the other side of the track hedge looking towards the mound. We immediately saw three beautiful male Ring Ouzels appearing from, and then disappearing into, the lush Alexanders edging the field. Great.
Having watched our fill we trudged back up the hill, my wretched upper respiratory infection restricting my intake of air - but my legs worked well as they do these days.My first infection for a few years - apart from Peru's campylobacter ! Mustn't let it interfere with spring migration!


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