Monday, 23 April 2012


Sunday April 22
We both woke early, setting off for Pentney Gravel Pits at 8.00 a.m. in a heavy shower. Big pools of water lined the roads.The SatNav took us on an interesting but very efficient route, some of the narrow tracks crossing main roads would not have been as good on a weekday.
The further west we drove, the drier the roads, becoming a lovely blue sky morning. Still cold though as we scoped the pits.
Two Common Terns, Swallows, Sand Martins, our first House Martins (Pentney Village), several Greylag pairs with Goslings, a male Goosander and a Cuckoo calling distantly. Scanning the edges, I saw a Common Sandpiper flick across the water, then land on the near shore out of sight - and never seen again. Pam didn't see it.......
After a chat with another birder we drove the lane hoping for the Nightingale reported earlier in the week. No luck but our first lovely male Orangetip Butterfly.
Still early so we drove to Cley. Two Golden Plover in summer plumage and several Wheatears in the Eye Field, three Whimbrel in the favoured fields near the Iron Road. We'll see many more in Scotland next week but I never get tired of them.
Home in time to watch Man U throw away the Premiership......Everton played well and never gave up - why us? Our defence was awful, all 8 goals were beauties. Shame we weren't impartial, great match to watch. 
Loved Real M beating Barca on Saturday evening, Ronaldo at his best.

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