Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Panama Finished?

Tuesday August 14
I think I've finished uploading photos, sorting the spelling of Elicier's name and various other errors.

Trip Total : 320
Lifers:      88

 I can now start on the Great Yarmouth Bird Club Newsletter which has to be completed by the end of the month.
Rather busy since we got home, no time for birding yet. Wall to wall Olympics and sorting the insurance for our large fridge freezer which died whilst we were away. We are very lucky to have such good neighbours. Rai and Barbara sorted and threw away the rotting contents, Kevin and Freda did a lot of the clearing up. There are many complaints about Curry's but I have none. Everyone on the phone was very helpful and the engineer came this morning. To pronounce it......dead. We should get vouchers as we are still covered. The machine looks immaculate. two and a half years old only, unlucky he said.
 Harvesting veggies too.
The Swifts have gone and our only House Martin nest has disintegrated. Must have been learner birds. Earlier in the season I found an egg floating in our open, overflow water butt ,directly underneath the nest. I looked up and saw a hole at the back of the nest. I believe that they managed one brood though. 

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