Tuesday, 30 October 2012

First of the Winter

Tuesday October 30

Awoken from my stupour by the news of Waxwings at Repps with Bastwick - on the Stalham Gt Yarmouth Road, I had my first outing since last Thursday.
There were six birds feeding on top of a dense Hawthorn tree, in the lay-by opposite the garage. Convenient. We pulled in behind another car , the driver had the better view, then turned round to approach from the south.
This meant that I was on the side away from the birds and forced (!) to try some photos through a mucky front screen. That's no excuse for the pretty appalling photographs. It was not possible to get the depth of field required to focus more than one and they were mostly hidden amongst the branches. We watched for about twenty minutes, hoping for a classic 'berry in beak' shot, before they all flew, trilling,  away.
Beautiful birds, always a delight to see.

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