Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thrush Bonanza - and a Garden Tick

Tuesday October 23

A post lunch view of a Black Redstart on our front porch - garden tick - by Pam from her seat on the sofa, sent us off in search of migrants. We toured the local lanes getting as far as Cart Gap before home via more back lanes. The latter looked like plough due to sugar beet and lettuce harvesting. We saw thousands of winter thrushes, even more than we did in Scotland. I saw one male Brambling before it disappeared down a trough.
Back to our seats at home...Pam was on the phone... she saw the Black Red again. I whipped outside, saw it on our roof ridge, my camera was in the locked car! I ran indoors, got the car keys  and took some pics as it flicked from roof to roof, shivering its tail. Appalling light, misty too. This is the best I managed.

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