Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Little Sea-watching...

Sunday November 18

Such a beautiful looking day after heavy morning ground frost - the car had almost completely thawed apart from the front screen which faces the garage.
The Ibis was not behind the Salthouse duck pond, straight to the Cley Centre for coffee and a newly baked fruit scone. Surprisingly, no-one we knew, not even Pat at the desk. Pam knows one of the violunteers, she worked with her - and is still trying to remember her name. Not much is better than sitting at the window bench with a panoramic view of Cley Marshes, scanning the many birds on view... in the warm. One gets very reasonable views all the way to North Hide and the sea.
Deciding that the hides would be full and the birds no different from those already seen, I hauled myself up the shingle bank at Salthouse, set up my scope and scanned. I always enjoy the challenge but, found it frustrating to-day as the birds were very distant. Mostly Auks scattered about, at least one Razorbill, the others Guillemots much commoner on our coast. Red-throated Divers flew rapidly west but I couldn't ID anything else with certainty. I try not to 'string' !!
Eddie was at the tea van, he's laying a new lawn to-morrow when 50 mph winds are forecast for the east coast. My thoughts immediately turn to sea-watching. If we came up millions on the lottery, I'd have a heated hide with comfortable seats built, overlooking the sea. I might let friends use it.......
There's still a Richard's Pipit on the coast between Weybourne and Sheringham, no sign of yesterday's Surf Scoter though. As we drove through, Penny C appeared from the lane to the sea, I look forward to reading her Blog to-night.
I must remember to phone grandson Josh in Aus to wish him Happy Birthday late to-morrow night, he's 12 on Tuesday. I'll catch him before school if I ring at 11ish.

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