Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter Snows

Tuesday November 13
I'd forgotten that we were birding with Sue to-day,  else I'd have planned something different from Titchwell last Sunday. Her father has been unwell so dates have had to be re-arranged.
Where to go to give her enough variety? We drove to Holme next the Sea, parked at the first gate and walked to  Gore Point . Another lovely day .......and a very low tide. I've never seen the sea as far out as it was at Gore. Mud banks galore and the white, tented roof, building at Skegness clearly visible to the north. 
We enjoyed the search despite not finding much apart from the expected waders. A constantly diving Shag kept me occupied - trying to locate it for the other two. There have been reports of upwards of a 100 roosting on Hunstanton cliffs but they are usually uncommon on this coast.
As I was packing up my scope, Sue who was standing behind me, called a 'flock of small birds' flying through her view. Scope uncovered, I located at least 80 Snow buntings making their restless, flighty way along the top tideline before disppearing towards the golf course. Excellent, our first of the winter. The pager later reported over a 100 at the golf course end.......
The highlight at Abbey Farm was three Buzzards in the air at once over the far fields. We also saw two Sparrowhawks and a couple of Marsh Harriers to-day.
Shame we were too late for the Red Kite in the Witton area that James phoned in for us.  As soon as we got in, had a cuppa and said goodbye to Sue, we had two seperate visitors. I didn't notice the ansaphone flashing until it was dark. Thanks anyway James, much appreciated.

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