Monday, 3 December 2012

Roast Pork for 40 People

Sunday December 2

Duly attired in Christmas sparkly cardigan and heeled boots  (me) we arrived at Joan's daughter, Kate and husband Pete's home in Bacton at 12.30. A bit late as I'd had a long conversation with my Brisbane family including both grandchildren. Fourteen year old Harry sounds like a man now, no longer can I confuse him with Josh or Sara.
The whole of the ground floor was full of standing/sitting/talking/drinking friends and neighbours of Joan. She's a very active lady,  taking part in many activities and local clubs e.g theatre, gardening, keep fit, book reading, all of which were represented. Seeing no one we knew, we found a space and Pete brought us a drink.
Dinner was an enormous shoulder of pork cooked in a Jamie Oliver wood burning brick oven in the garden. Too many accompaniments to mention here......I stuck to a jacket potato, tomato salsa and a barley risotto with mushrooms and pumpkin. All very nice when breakfast has been given a miss in preparation. Desserts were also many and varied, produced by friends. We ate our meal beside the well, under a canopy with an outdoor chimneya (spelling?) entertained by Don. Basically it was 'chip chops I have fried in' but very interesting. A London man who'd moved here in 1970.
We arrived home soon after 3.30 p.m. in plenty of time to watch Norwich beat Sunderland 2-1. 
Pam started taking the crib and other decorations out of the roof space yesterday. Robbie thought he'd try it out for size.......

He insists on helping me work on the computer too. Well, he's an old boy and indulged! Keeps my ear warm ....
This is his true colour, Robertson's marmalade, not Robbie Williams.

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