Monday, 31 December 2012

Shopping - Home - the Pretty Way

Sunday December 30
Very meagre birding this month, Pam still not fit enough for prolonged exposure to the weather.
Shopping became an essential chore, I couldn't resist suggesting that we drive home from North Walsham via Walcott front. No room to park, a rare dry and sunny day had brought people out en masse, the roadside was full of parked cars. I had a quick look for a Med or a passing diver, nil to both.
A diminishing flock of Pinkfeet still in the fields near Rookery Farm.
As we drove towards Batchelor's Lane. a juvenile Merlin appeared from the hedge on our left, flew thrush-like, low along the road in front of us and perched in a sloe near a telegraph pole. Good bin views showed the mottling of a juvenile bird, could be either sex, not possible to tell.
Monday Dec 31
Out Witch Hazel looks beautiful to-day. Most of the flowers opened in yesterday's sunshine. 

Pam took these.
Birds have returned to the garden in the last few days, having found the newly re-situated feeders. We haven't seen any evidence of rats for a while........A flock of Long-tailed, Coal and Blue Tits arrived this morning.
As the guineafowl has taken up residence, he has a name, Kobe. African species in origin so he has a Kruger name. Robbie's not sure what to make of such a large and noisy bird on his territory. So far it's been a stand-off at 20 paces. Advantage Kobe.
I made a loaf of bread following Paul Hollywood's instructions, using my new Kenwood to do the kneading hard work, this morning. I usually use the bread mixer. Here's the result.

Hope it tastes as good....
Ready for to-morrow's bird race sandwiches.

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