Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What a Splendid Hour

Tuesday January 29

News came through of the (iffy?) Ross's Goose south of Horsey with six Barnacles. It has been in the Halvergate area with Pinks but it's been missing for at least a week. It was early afternoon when we set out, giving the Marrams road a miss to-day... lucky we did. As we neared Sea Palling, a lovely male Hen Harrier crossed the road in front of us. Even nearer Palling, before Manor Farm, in a flooded field on the right, we counted 24 Bewick's , eight of them juveniles. Must have been a good breeding season.

Bewick Swans
Parking in the usual raptor watching lay-by south of Horsey Mill, I pointed out some outlines in the distant murk, towards Horsey Mere. Four Cranes, two adults and two juveniles. Excellent, our first this year. Despite the light rain, poor visibility and distance, I tried some digiscoping.

Enlarged, cropped...Common Cranes - couldn't get all four in

Adult and juvenile - even more cropped and enlarged

Suddenly, one of the adults bugled - a lovely sound - and they all flew away. Pam took this flight photo

I then turned my attention and scope to the eastern side of the road, where an enormous flock of about a thousand Pinks were resting and feeding. At the furthest point towards the dunes, The Ross's showed itself before being swallowed up by the mass again. Pam got out and eventually managed a look too. A very successful and enjoyable outing.

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