Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Monday February 18

We needed to go to Hainford, on the outskirts of Norwich, to get some native trees to further encourage  garden birds. We went via Cley..........ending up driving a big sideways triangle.
The Purple Sandpiper was showing well, but distantly, on the flood pool in the Eye Field, viewable from Beach Road. I took some appalling photographs, so bad I'm not posting them.
Julian (he's not Jeremy , people call him all sorts  he says), and his drinks van,  was at Beach car park Salthouse, despite it being a Monday and half term. Maybe because it is half term. We took our hot chocolate over to the eastwards side of the car park as there were prone photographers, children etc on the west side.
Thirty Snow Buntings flew onto the area of shingle near to the bank where food is sometimes spread. Lovely. I waited as they gradually came closer, taking some more terrible photographs, when... a red car full of birders (!!) drove in next to them in a spray of shingle and the birds took off. What part of camera and lens out of window do they not understand? Nor was it an obvious parking place for them. Not new in the car park either, they'd shifted position and squeezed into a space usually avoided due to loose shingle and proximity to the bank. The woman passenger was heard to say 'What did you change places for'  - as she glanced at us. We drove away.
Successful with our needs at the nursery we drove home with the tree roots in the front foot well and the branches waving past my right ear where I sat in the back.

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