Thursday, 28 February 2013

Worth It

Wednesday February 27

A stranger appeared. The sun came out early afternoon and  we departed for the 'Horsey run'. The Ross's was grazing, along with its feral entourage of a dozen Barnacles, amongst a couple of thousand Pinkfeet, south of Horsey Mill. 

As we were watching it and, ridiculously, attempting photographs, a ringtail Harrier flew by. In my haste to pick up my camera, finding it was switched off and then re-adjusting, I only managed one hasty shot.

 A perched Sparrowhawk took off in alarm at a passing car.
The road to Winterton was 'access only, businesses open as usual', we drove on. Not a good idea. barrier across the road and a waiting vehicle to escort buses. Undeterred we drove back to the main road and made an  approach was via Hemsby! The sea at Winterton was choppy but we managed three Red-throated Divers and a sparse fly-past of soaring, gliding groups of adult Gannets. Lovely.
Catfield still had a herd of Bewick's and Whoopers, mostly the latter.

The garden still has a myriad birds feeding. A dozen Siskins remain, the Jay comes daily as do Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Goldfinches. Very few Tit family though.

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