Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Late Barton Visit

Tuesday April 16
When the car was returned from its state of health service - requested by Pam before our trip to Scotland next week, well it has done over 100K - we drove the 15 minute trip to Barton Broad Boardwalk. It's good for early migrants and we love it there.
A pristine Willow Warbler sang during the first 100 metres of the walk and then, showed well.
Sitting on the boardwalk end platform on a day like this,  is a sheer joy. Warm, sunny and very little wind as, it was sheltered for a change. Sixteen Great Crested Grebes, swimming in pairs and, closer than usual, displayed to each other, whilst a nearby male showed a great deal of aggression, flattening himself in the water, beak pointing forcefully towards the encroacher, before flying at them. Must be a nest nearby. I tried some digiscoping despite their rapid movements. I haven't got enough hands to hold the camera to the lens, keep it steady and then pan smoothly to follow their movement. That's the advantage of using a mount where the camera is locked in place. Maybe I'll find a light and suitable one one day.
At least these Terns landed for a short time.

Not as rapid as the 50 Common Terns fishing avidly, diving at the water and then rising again to dive once more. Exceeding their speed was the cloud of 100+ hirundine, nearly all of them Sand Martins with a few Swallows. A lone Little Gull looked sluggish in comparison. Reluctantly ceasing our attempts to see a House Martin - it was making me see double trying to keep up with them - we packed up our equipment. As we rose to leave, our first Kingfisher of the year arrowed across the Broad to disappear into the reedbed.

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