Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Where is Bure Park Lake?

Tuesday April 2

Finding Bure Park was easy, where was the lake? A map showed that it was the other side of a very wet and puddled meadow. There must be another way. I walked to the pitch and putt kiosk where the man told me that across the field was the only route to the 'small pond'. Neither of us fancied it much as there had been no news of the Garganey pair still being present to-day. 
Nothing ventured....
I put my scope up and almost immediately, a pair of Garganey swam briefly into view under the  near bank, through a gap in the trees.They showed intermittently for a couple of minutes before disappearing back into the overhanging trees. They must have been startled out by passing children, which also caused Mallard to fly away. Very lucky.
Home via Horsey, where we had the magical sight of thousands of Starlings forming tight balls and amorphous patterns, swirling, swooping, landing  and taking off again. Roost behaviour in the daylight.

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