Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Winterton Quickie

September 2

Pager messages re a Velvet Scoter at Winterton were too attractive to ignore. Mid afternoon, we paid our £1 parking fee and almost immediately found three Scoter, one of which was an adult male Velvet, it's canary yellow bill gleaming in the sunshine. In total, about 20 Scoter appeared, they stay under for an age. 
Two Arctic Skuas chased Common Terns offshore. One has to admire their aerial acrobatics if not their predatory behaviour.
Not a long visit, time to go home and see Kevin who was clearing up the debris left by Pam's flower de-heading etc,  and my fruit tree pruning (again). Those small trees cause endless work. I've threatened to have them out next year if they don't produce a good crop .

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