Friday, 25 October 2013

Home Safely

Thursday October 24

Having decided not to set the alarm, it was after nine before we set off on a beautifully sunny and warm morning. We've had unbelievably good weather. All was going well until we hit a section of the M5 in Somerset when we hit what turned out to be a 10 mile tailback. It took us an hour and a half to crawl to the accident scene. A large lorry had jack-knifed on the westbound carriageway, ending up partly in the central reservation barrier. Effectively blocking both east and westbound traffic.
We had two exercise stops, the third was Thetford Sainsbury's for milk and bread, home at 5.15.
Amost definitely - never say never - our last visit to Scilly, the walking is too much for us and we shall both be too old to hire a cart in future. If we did go again, it would be to different accommodation. It hit us hard this time how uncomfortable No 7 is. Nowhere comfy to sit, the steep steps up, backaching beds, the smallest TV it is possible to buy, no SKY and, worst of all, no WiFi. It is wonderfully equipped for cooking !! Angela did say that BT (!!) were due to install Broadband on October 8th. Hm. There were several letters  from BT in the lobby,  awaiting her attention.

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