Sunday, 24 November 2013

Distant Views

Saturday November 23
After a very pleasant evening and an excellent meal at Kate and Jim's, we were late to bed and late up this morning.
The trees retain many of their leaves, due to the late heat I suppose. This morning was sunny and cool, enhancing the colours of the early winter countryside. Too nice to stay in, where should we go? Buckenham Marshes got the vote.
Far fewer Wigeon on the marshes than I expected, widespread in small groups. Scoping from the railway crossing, a flock of White-fronted Geese flew in from Cantley, landing very distantly yet near enough to scope the gleaming white patch above the beak. They kept well away from the many groups of Canadas.
The best experience, was a pair of Peregrine falcons perched in a bare tree to the north of the road in. A passing birder leaning in through Pam's window, said ' that's cheating, staying in the warmth of the car, it's freezing out here'. He then pointed out the falcons which were not yet in view for us. On the way back when they were my side of the car, I attempted some photographs with the 1.5 times on my 300mm lens as they were so distant in fast dropping sun. The flash popped up ! That's my excuse for the less than sharp images.
The smaller male on the bottom branch
The male exercised his wimgs before flying away, followed by the female. This is the pair that nests on Norwich Cathedral.
We drove as far as the mill to eat our late lunch, getting closer views of the White-fronts. A Chinese Water deer fed in the flocks of lapwings, a few Ruff stalking stiff-legged amongst the latter.  As usual, a flock of feral Doves loafed on and in the old Mill.
Ever decreasing light, it's dark by 3.30, drove us away after a very enjoyable few hours.

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