Saturday, 2 November 2013

Virus Vengeance

Friday November 1

Too unwell to achieve a whole day's birding, we contented ourselves with a few hours fairly locally. 
Winterton is crowded this week, half term holiday, too many visitors, children and dogs. We drove to Cley via Gunton Park and Felbrigg, ending with the grand total of 40. No birds of major interest on that list, good to see something, the garden feeders are hardly used at the moment.
Many good birds spread around the country at the moment, the result of last weekend's storms, two of them ticks for us. Mourning Dove on Rhum and Cape May Warbler on Shetland. I have never twitched offshore..........yet. We also missed the Humpback Whale off Sea Palling, I didn't read my pager for 2 days due to this wretched virus. I would have liked to have seen that.

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