Monday, 9 December 2013

Storm Surge

Dec  6 - 9
Pretty horrendous damage along Norfolk's coast, especially Blakeney, Wells, Sheringham, Cromer, Mundesley, Walcott, Hemsby and Great Yarmouth.  
We could hear the sea from home, 2 miles inland. On the 6th, after shopping in North Walsham, we returned via the coast road - tree down around the corner on the NW road, cleared whilst we waited - and nosiness. No access to the front at Walcott, there was a residential caravan blocking the road at the northern end, we could see a crane trying to move it. 
Turning onto the road tio Ridlington via Bachelor's Lane, we could see the detritus strewn meadow and a large lake,  getting smaller as a digger had broken the road banks so as to allow the water to flood 'our' road and the field to the west! I took a few poor pics before we turned round in a field and got home by various small and circuitous lanes. 

Just as well. There was another tree down on the NW road, 50 metres from the Ridlington turning, which would have blocked our way home. Luckily the Bridges had re-arranged to-day's coffee date at Cley. Cley was under water. I shall try to add some photo links at the end of this posting.
On the 7th, we approached Walcott from the southern end to finf 'Road Closed' notices. Other cars were going through so we followed. The road was ankle deep in sand, emergency vehicles parked apparently doing nothing, helpers hosing down the concrete area in front of the Spar and the Kingfisher. Damage to the Caravan Park and some of the evacuated  houses, including a large portion of a house wall was discernible. It's hard to believe that water can twist metal railings and tear up concrete slabs.
Still no access on Monday the 9th. 
We drove to Winterton where we saw no birds at all from the beach car park. There were several yellow-jacketed Seal Wardens on duty there, protecting the few Horsey colony pups surviving and washed ashore here. 50 have been taken into care and about 20 euthanased due to injuries sustained from the sea and dogs. There were many adults offshore looking for their young. The wardens were giving them access and warning people not to approach them and, to keep their dogs on the lead and only on the southern beach.

Thank you Penny for the links
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