Monday, 13 January 2014

Clearing Vigil

Monday January 13

It wasn't a good morning for Pam. Owning an elderly cat (18 in August) has its disadvantages. He's very affectionate, a bit deaf and yowls for food any time between 4 and 7 a.m. There's no pacifying him despite bowls of IAMS dried food and tinned food in another bowl left ready.
No, we're not going to kick him out at his age.
We set out for Edgefield, near Holt, about 12.30, not feeling very optimistic. Parking the car in a muddy, rutted, field before crossing the road brought a view that raised the spirits. A group of four birders were stood, not too far, up the forestry ride.
The news? The dreaded '' they were here 20 minutes ago, showing in those bare trees

before flying into this stand'' !

They left to look elsewhere. A single birder joined us, he'd been looking in Holt Country Park for 4 hours already. A lone Red Kite and two Buzzards soared over the far trees against the blue sky. After a pleasant chat about what he'd seen - on holiday here - he walked off. As he passed the conifer stand, we heard Crossbills and he called a sighting. Four Parrot Crossbills,  showing well for a very short time before departing south. Phew. Lucky. 
After an hour of standing and then -me- finding a tree stump on which to sit, we gave up on a further sighting. I always want better views.
Would the Glossy Ibis still be showing in the Glaven Valley? No.
It was dusk when we reached Felbrigg Park, just enough light to see the resident Little Owl sitting in a hole in a dead tree.
I tried some digiscoping. Asking a lot of my little camera. I used my editing programme to make the owl visible, the light was appalling

Pam took much better photos than I did of yesterday's Snow Bunting. I must replace my dreadful effort with one of hers, She kindly said ''Well you couldn't even see them''! 
A productive and enjoyable afternoon.

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