Sunday, 19 January 2014

Gloss Taken Off

Sunday January 19

Early afternoon departure for Cley. Morning spent on FaceTime with Aus and then having toenails cut (!).
Would we find this elusive bird to-day?
After one slow, and stopping frequently, circuit of the area, together with several other carloads, we started again.
Several birder standing in a gateway near the Three Swallows brought us to another stop. Yes, they'd seen it. just there over the sign. Most left, the helpful one turned round saying, ''Where's it gone''. Bother.
Much of the field wasn't viewable from the road so I got out, found the first two field gates open and stopped at the third with its ''Private Narshes, no entry'' sign. There was the Glossy Ibis showing well near a telegraph pole, photographable too. I stood back out of sight whilst it preened, so as not to frighten it before Pam arrived. When she'd squelched in through the mud, I let her peep first. No sign.......
We made another abortive circuit search before giving up.
The coast road through Cley is open to-day after two weeks closure in the aftermath of the deadly USAF helicopter crash on the reserve. Beach Road is open too, we were able to drive down to Coastguards car park which had had most of the shingle pushed back. Probably the US people making way for the vehicle to take the crash remains away.
Two Stonechats were perched on the remaining wire fence.
We spent some time scanning the large Brent Geese flock to no avail. It contains a puzzling bird. It has a very pale back and a washed-out neck and head. It took ages to get a view of the rest of it which looks like a normal dark-bellied. i was hoping it was a Pale-bellied!
I expect that we shall be looking for the Glossy again.

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