Monday, 6 January 2014

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Monday January 6

Gunton Park
I really don't know why we bother. friend Bob spent 2 hours here, without seeing a single passerine. we didn't stay as long but the result was the same.
The lake was full of Coot. I've been trying to think of a suitably derogatory collective noun for Coot, without success so far. Watch this space.
Many Canada Geese, a couple of Little Grebe, a dozen Tufted Duck, several pairs of Gadwall, a few Wigeon and Greylag.
The lovely old Sawmill was getting a new thatch last time we were here, it's finished

The ancient logs had interesting fungi.

Pam called me out to hear a Tawny Owl calling very loudly in the garden. It didn't !

Felbrigg Woods
Only enough time to don coat and gloves and enter the footpath before a tit flock arrived. Along with Blue and Great, it contained: Nuthatch, Goldcrest and Treecreeper. Great.

Driving back to shop in NW, there was an interesting sky as dusk approached - before the rain fell. Our first shower of the day. 10C too, very mild.
My small point and shoot didn't do a bad job in tricky light.

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