Monday, 27 January 2014

Two More

Monday January 27

We had to take the car in to the Mundesley Garage as the cigarette lighter wasn't working, it's essential that it does.  But we don't smoke.....
It's used as a charger for both the SatNav and my phone. Gavin fitted a new fuse and away we went to some local fishing lakes Jax and Dave had alerted us to. We didn't have to enter the leisure complex, two pairs of Goosander were visible from the road. Indeed, they may not have been in view if we'd entered.
Making our way back to the main road, two Mistle Thrushes foraged in a ploughed field.
During a phone call from Bob this morning, he'd said that the Martham Glossy Ibis were 'really close'. Maybe I could get some photos. They were showing well but, rather distantly, both feeding to the east of Cess Road.
Cold and damp to-day. We were lucky to do the RSPB garden Birdwatch early on Saturday. We had a tremendous storm that evening and yesterday was a filthy day. I hope that the new venue for the Gt Yarmouth Bird Club meeting to-night is warmer than the previous one.

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