Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Dry Day Forecast

Sunday February 16
With the possiblity of three year birds, Filby and Ormesby Little Broad  were the planned destinations. A lovely looking day too. Blue skies and sunshine, I hope that the west country had some of it.
Filby Broad is not a loved birding spot. One has to cross a busy road to stand on a narrow grass verge, peering between trees, in order to scan the water - and the birds are distant. Well......we tried hard with such restricted vision but failed to see either the female Smew or the Slavonian Grebe. I though I'd got the Smew behind the raft platform, it dived and I couldn't find it again. Roy R said that the Slav was in the far western corner, out of sight. I tried for about 30 minutes, stirred and shaken by the deafening traffic, before leaving for the track to Little Broad
It's a very pleasant walk through birch and alder woodland to the viewing platform. Easy. As soon as we got there, the female Scaup was visible, consorting with a small group of Tufted Duck. I hadn't carried my camera, these are Pam's photographs

Despite hanging around, she never appeared closer nor without reeds in the way.
Driving home via Horsey, a female Hen Harrier was a delight. Marsh Harriers are ever present here so seeing them can become routine but always a pleasure.

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