Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Just in Case

Tuesday March 11
I had a regular six monthly hygienist appointment in Stalham, after which we drove to Barton Broad disabled car park - the warden gave us permission. As soon as the car stopped, we heard our first Chiffchaff of the year. Pam heard her Cetti's for the month but we added nothing else. We didn't stay long at the platform. It was a northerly wind which blows straight in at you. Chilly - I could feel that my hair wasn't dry yet.
The book had records of Otter, two Kingfishers on the 3rd and Little Gulls on the 8th..... I was hoping for the latter and maybe a Common Tern. Try again.

 I did see this very white cauliflower-like fungi, will look it up later.
I was unable to find this 'fungi' not on the web nor in my ID book - because it's not a fungus. Thank you James E.for the identification.
 It's a slime mould, Enteridium Lycoperdon, sometimes called False Puffball.

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  1. Your fungus looks like the fruiting mass of a slime mould, Enteridium lycoperdon (sometimes known as the false puffball).
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