Sunday, 6 April 2014

Two Short Sessions

Saturday April 5
After a leisurely morning, I went out to admire my plant buys from yesterday. Spurred into action, I then weeded, dug out overgrown Sedums and generally sorted four of my earlier alpine planters, including the Gentian round. I couldn't resist planting my new super-sized- flower Gentian.
Maybe time for some birding, Barton Broad is the nearest migrant spot. Alone on the platform, we quickly added four Little Gulls, three of them superb black-underwinged adults, dipping along the far channel. Three Sand Martins became a flock of about 15, which left as suddenly as they'd arrived. Identifying one Common Tern flying along the boat channel, we then found four more perched on buoys. A distantly singing Willow Warbler completed the migrant sightings. I thought I heard one at Pottertons yesterday, a partial phrase which wasn't repeated.

Sunday April 6
At last, a lengthier night's sleep - and a very late start for Cley. Pam was talking to Marj when I got up in a panic, because it was so late. That made the start even later. That meant a lunchtime scone and a most fortuitous one. Two House Martins flew past the window in the direction of the village, never to be seen again.
A Sedge Warbler had been singing at the village end of Beach Road but not whilst we were there.
It must be holiday season, a warden was back at the Beach Road car park. Not only did she inspect our membership tickets, she also engaged us in lengthy conversation. Very pleasant but not expected.
I looked up from my crossword in time to see a lone Swallow flit through along the shingle, luckily Pam caught it too. Then Pam saw the first Sandwich Tern rise from the rough sea and then drop again, before I saw it. This was soon followed by small numbers flying towards the point at irregular intervals. Such a strong and gusty wind to-day, they were keeping low.
Home to find long streamers of 'wool' flying from our apple shaped wool container again. We watched a Great Tit spend ages - and expend a lot of neck-stretching energy - trying to tear a piece off, earlier in the week. He eventually flew off with about a foot of it which snagged on a branch. He was then able to get a piece off. Pam then tore the rest into smaller pieces and stuffed it back into the container. Much of it is hanging loose outside again. I hope there are some very comfortable parents and babies around here !

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