Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Buzz

Sunday June 8

I've had a Beepol Lodge since Christmas plus a voucher for a nest of Bumblebees. I sent the voucher off to : on return from Scotland. The plastic carton full of bees arrived on Thursday afternoon, buzzing like mad. The van driver was intrigued and a bit concerned. He'd been instructed to keep them on the seat beside him until delivered. I think it was the constant noise which disturbed him.
Doing our bit for wildlife.
After leaving them to settle for a couple of hours, I opened the Lodge lid, placing the container inside, Pam opened the escape hole, I latched the lid and, we retreated.
Checking before bed, the bees had found their way in and out. great. They are situated near our wild flower bank, orchard and veggie bed so should have plenty of food - and do us good at the same time.

A short trip to Cley this morning, mostly to enjoy the AC in the car on a very hot morning, a Growbag for Pam's cut and come again lettuce plants which I shall grow on the patio, and, a respite after two days gardening off and on.
Parking at the Beach Road car park we saw two Spoonbills on Billy's Wash. When I got home, I received a Twitter message saying that they are breeding there. Good news.

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