Saturday, 26 July 2014

Silvery Gem, Harleys and Strawberries

Saturday July 26

Thanks to PW, I'd read of a 'new for Norfolk, 2nd for UK' moth caught at Weybourne last night (R. Eagling). If it didn't escape when photographed out of the tube, it would be displayed at Cley Centre from 10 - 5 to-day. A Silvery Gem. I tried to find it on the web and couldn't - how did the trapper ID it without a name? I then looked on the Norfolk Moth site and found a photo on there. Looks nice.....
The Gem was still in a rather worn tube, despite which I still wanted some sort of photo. It was a busy corner, I would have liked more time ans space. Excuse for a pretty poor photograph of a rather small Macro. Exciting though.

Silvery Gem
 Pat mentioned another had been caught in Suffolk on the same night. So Penny wrote on her Blog anyway. Which is the second? Definitely County firsts anyway, I'm glad none were trapped on Breydon south wall, that would have been a howdy-do. JL turned up too, also twitching the moth, not as many moth-ers as I'd expected but there's a good time bracket. The trapper left after an hour, leaving the moth in the care of the staff there - in a bag containing a cold block. Apparently the poor beast has to be killed and pinned in order for it to be accepted as a record. Quite bizarre and antiquated in the days of photography and the web. There would be an outcry if birds were still shot and preserved for record purposes.

Passing Weybourne Camp entrance, the presence of a dozen Harley Davidsons reminded us that there was a Harley rally at Sheringham to-day. Groups of camera holding spectators along the road heralded imminent arrival, we were tempted. Pam parked in a field entrance just beyond Weybourne Railway Bridge - the laybys were occupied. We only had to wait ten minutes before two small groups passed by. Were there more? Pam was confident enough to take her secateurs out to improve our view. I was sceptical and continued with my DT crossword. Waw, I was scrambled into action by the unmistakeable throaty rumble of approaching HDs appearing over the brow and under the bridge. My camera was in the back......oh ye of little faith. There were hundreds of shiny, covetable machines, polished to perfection, riders waving and smiling at spectators. I've never seen such a variety of models, let alone the sheer numbers. Maybe to-morrow's EDP will tell me how many.  A joy. 
Here are a few photos - there are many more!

After the procession........from the sublime to the cliche.  PYO strawberries at Meales. Enormous berries which did not taste sweet but will be good for jam. There was 3p in price between our filled mini baskets.

Home to Commonwealth Games, supper and Man United/Roma from Denver. Two beautiful goals from Rooney and Mata shortly before half time, the transmission was lost. When it resumed we'd scored another, a penalty and the whistle went for half time. Before that I'd thought Roma were on top. We had a very different team out. Who'll play the second half?

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