Thursday, 17 July 2014

Still Very Hot

Thursday July 17

An early (ish) morning visit to Holt Country Park found us lethargic and lacking hwyl.  I sat and watched the wildlife area in front of the toilets whilst Pam found the P and D machine which was hidden behind the building. Almost immediately, a lovely warm, golden brown, Silver-washed Fritillary raced through. R Millington said that they seldom settle and, if they do stop, it's on Oak or bramble. My first Goldcrest of the month showed in a nearby conifer.
We walked as far as the small pond, seeing another 8 of the Fritillaries, none of them lingering. This Comma was much more accommodating.

The male Dragonfly guarding the pond was not still,  either patrolling its territory or bombing off an encroaching male. They usually have a regular perch or two.
These beetles are always coupling.........still trying to ID them.

Enough birds to keep us interested too. A flock containing Great and Blue Tits, Treecreepers, Coal Tit, Nuthatches and Chaffinches was the highlight.
Mid morning's increasing temperature and humidity reminded us of the advice to stay indoors. We didn't need much of an excuse to seek the air conditioned haven of the car - didn't even contemplate going to Stiffkey Fen for the Black-winged Pratincole.
An early lunch at Beeston completed an enjoyable morning.

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