Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Too Hot

Tuesday July 15

Much too hot to garden. Let's go birding. Cley at mid-day wasn't cool either. We walked out to Daukes Hide, noticing the paucity of insect life. One Small Skipper, two Small Heath, no Dragonflies, Damselflies nor small insects. Is this as a result of the flood surge? Waders don't seem to be lingering either.
Ensconced in shady Daukes hide, Simmonds Scrape looked like Lapwing City. After an hour's scanning, we found a Pectoral,  one Curlew and one Wood Sandpiper. A lone Dunlin and a handful of Ruff completed the wader count. 
Pat's Pool had about 30 Black-tailed Godwit which were disturbed from Simmonds - we couldn't see why.
Despite careful scanning, I didn't find any Garganey. The 'brown ducks' in eclipse included Wigeon. All but one Avocet must have joined the Breydon masses already. The very faded looking Brent Goose must be over summering.
After lunch (at nearly 3 p.m.) at the Centre,  a birder told us that he'd just seen a Pratincole on Arnold's Marsh. We'd planned a visit to Cley Spy to get my birthday present, so left East Bank until the return journey. Seeing no birders at all on the seaward end, we drove home. Half way there, a pager message announced that it was a Black-winged Pratincole sitting on Simmonds Scrape ! Bother. 
Pam took these photographs in the garden.

Amazing to find 3 different insects on a small alpine plant - delosperma 2 cms across

Great Spotted Woodpecker at the top of Ruby's birch tree.

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