Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Tuesday August 26

Suffering from a lack of birds to go for, our attention has turned even more to moths and insects/bugs in general. We've attended two moth trap opening sessions at Cley Centre and one at Natural Surroundings. We were due to go to another at the latter to-day but woke to a very strong wind with overcast after a rainy Monday and night. It seemed another opportunity for some sea watching at Winterton Beach. Disappointing for birds, it was an onshore easterly we discovered. magnificent sea though. A huge white-topped swell, enhanced by a warm sun. Not conducive to finding birds, apart from a steady stream of Gannets, one Fulmar and a dozen terns. I saw a probable Great Skua but will not count it - glimpses of a chunky black bird with large white wing flashes occasionally appearing above the troughs.

PS Just read my pager !! Dozens of Arctic Skuas, a few Bonxies and other goodies reported off Happisburgh and Horsey this morning. Should have got out earlier.

It's not advisable to trap in your own space more than 2/3 times a week. We tend to stick to twice a week depending on what we are doing the following day. Emptying the trap takes a goodly time - identifying its contents much longer. Here are a very few of the latest.

Aphodius Rufipes (Dung Beetle sp)

Flounced Rustic

Old Lady - our first. Very apt for this household.

Parent Bug, Shield Bug sp

Six-striped Rustic

Garden Pebble - a Micro Evergestis Forficalis

True Lover's Knot

Light Emerald

A well camouflaged Red Underwing. Beautiful moth but camera shy.

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