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August 10- 13

Sunday August 10

I had a rush of cholestorol to the blood on Sunday. Never before have I fancied a fry-up for Sunday breakfast - especially when we had very few of the necessary ingredients in stock. Where could we go ? I had a willing accomplice. 
It was Brunch time by the time we left, aiming for Cafe Bacton first, with low expectations of it being open, which proved to be accurate. Pam said she was driving further on to turn round but her unspoken idea was right. Almost immediately after Bacton chip shop there is a new (to me) cafe open, set back off the road with parking space in front.
Mis-matched tables and chairs, sofas and cushions, a 60s juke box and very pleasant staff. Placing our order for all day breakfast - the others were too big and contained stuff like black pudding - we'd only had time to do the DT pub quiz before our piled plates arrived. 2 rashers of bacon, 1 egg and a sausage, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans and a slice of toast. £5.50. Not greasy and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Is this a birding/wildlife Blog?
The edge of tropical storm Bertha (it was a hurricane) was still influencing the weather. A very strong offshore wind but temporarily dry. Parking on Walcott front, I was able to add a juvenile Arctic Tern and a good number of Gannets to the month list before the next tropical deluge forced us away.
On August 11th, we did the Winterton run, for the first time in a couple of months. An apparently calm sea was actually deeply troughed, concealing the few birds present. In an hour's watch, we saw about a dozen Sandwich Terns, 5 Cormorants, 3 Gannets and one Marsh Harrier which flew in off the sea and got us excited for a minute !
Sometime during the night, I noticed the brightness of the moonlight. Remembering the report of the extra bright and large moon due to its proximity to the earth, I viewed it through an open window. It looked great. Why didn't I go and get my camera?

Tuesday August 12
After lunch with friends, most of the day had gone. As we stopped in the drive, I noticed several insects and butterflies feeding on the small dahlias in the front border, seeming to favour the white ones with a yellow centre. I hurried indoors to change and get my camera but was diverted by a request for a caterpillar ID from neighbour  J. It was a Poplar Hawkmoth giant which she took using her camera phone.

I then spent 20 minutes or so waiting patiently for a restless Painted Lady butterfly to alight long enough for me to photograph it. When it did, it immediately folded its wings to feed. I managed in the end.

I did not see nor photograph the Clouded Yellow which flew through the back garden yesterday. I had seen one last week which I discounted as being unlikely ! 

Wednesday August 13
Last night, I was looking for the Perseid shower of 'shooting stars' but it was mostly overcast. Good for the moth trap maybe? No it wasn't. A very poor catch last night, both in quantity and variety. As many Micros as Micras. We find other insects in the trap too, especially beetles and bugs. This handsome shield bug appeared this morning.

Parent Bug
We'd put our own trap out instead of travelling to the Titchwell trap opening. We intend going to the Cley trap opening in the morning. Next week is less busy so we'll go to Titchwell then.

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