Saturday, 11 October 2014

Is it Allowed?

Saturday October 11

At last. Enough  unplanned and organised time to go birding. Where do all these appointments and social events come from? Two people making arrangements I suppose. 
We trapped moths last night too, the first time since last weekend. Not a vintage catch. 11 moths of 9 species. 1 Mallow, 2 Sallow, 1 Light Brown Apple, 2 Beaded Chestnut, Pine Carpet, 2 Grey Pine Carpet and 1 Red-green Carpet.
I tried out the C2 setting (Macro) on my Canon SX50. No different from the results I get on auto.


Red-Green Carpet
We drove off in sunshine, arriving at Burnham Norton in rain. Light but persistent. After two large hired minibuses had moved out of the way - stopped at the car park entrance - we found a parking space on the road's grass verge. Lucky. The hard standing car parking area is very small but, many had found extra spaces on the grass beyond. Not a long walk, along a heavily rutted tractor track, extremely muddy in places. It's a lovely area with extensive views over the marshes, skeins of Pink-feet flying in, Brent rising and falling again, Cetti's Warbler singing. We haven't walked out since going for the Stilt Sandpiper late on a windy evening after a drive back from Carrbridge in the Highlands. Aah,  I remember a later visit, the highlight two Cranes flying over. Always good to see those not part of the Hickling flock.
A constant procession of birders leaving and us walking out, always a good sized admiring group scoping east about halfway to the sea wall.. The Steppe Grey Shrike was perched distantly on top of a hawthorn bush. Lovely. 

Big zoom and crop
My Sibley says ' WAS part of the Great Grey Shrike' complex, now lumped with the Southern group which is being investigated'. Is it a full species? I expect we'll find out in time. A very pale bird compared with Great Grey. I attempted some shots with my SX50 set on C1 - birds -  according to the YouTube video I watched yesterday. They look better than the ones I took on Auto, despite being at full zoom which I rarely use. The 'better' is comparative !

Steppe Grey Shrike - a First for Norfolk

Huge zoom and crop for both......

 In excuse, I haven't seen any really cracking ones on Surfbirds etc. The bird shows well but at a distance. All better than mine though, which have been heavily cropped.
Wow. I should have looked at the photos on Bird Forum before I wrote. There are some beauties of the Shrike which obviously does come much closer. Will try again and linger if it stays. I should have been there after the bird had been lured with mealworms and voles when the beautiful pics were taken.

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