Thursday, 8 January 2015

First Time Dip

Sunday January 4
Very frosty, our car, parked on the north facing side of the house was thickly encrusted. Several squirts of anti- freeze and vigorous scraping later, we could see well enough to drive off. 
No Swans at Ingham but a sizeable herd at Catfield on the Ludham road. We didn't stop as the lane is narrow. We did on the way home, having found a small pull off. Over a 100, a quarter of them Whoopers, the rest Bewicks, with a pleasing scattering of juveniles.
On to Ludham Marshes and St Benets car park. More arctic swans were visible on the western side, three parked cars of birders viewing them. Later.....
Expectant and confident, I quickly binned the usual area between the mills at Cranes. Ever hopeful, Pam turned the car so that I could scope the marsh from my seat. Still no Cranes, just three Chinese Water Deer.
Hearing a voice, there was Pauline, Peter setting up his scope. The swans are all Bewicks. As we chatted and I scoped intermittently, P called a Peregrine sitting on a very distant gate post beneath a bare bush. Scope views were good enough, my photos using my Canon 200SX rubbish. The bush was in sharp focus.
Home to watch Man U beat Yeovil 2-0 away, in the FA Cup 3rd round. I only relax - relatively - when a second goal goes in. Pam says that she doesn't want to watch with both P and I !

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