Friday, 2 January 2015

Wild Goose Chase

Friday January 2

As has become accustomary, Buckenham Marshes to catch the Taiga Bean Geese before their departure north was the aim of the day.
We drove via Ingham and - yes - the Bewick and Whooper Swans were still at the far end of their roadside field.
Where was the Pinks flock with several Tundra Bean Geese at Repps?  We couldn't see any and the road has white lines with nowhere to park.
On to Buckenham. Driving over the level crossing at Strumpshaw, down the lane and past the station, a car driving towards us stopped, the window rolled down and there was Brenda F - in an unfamiliar car. We exchanged birding info, B stating that she hadn't done very well yesterday and had seen all the expected geese here. 
I scoped my way down the track before stopping at the padlocked gate near the fisherman's car park to scope the marsh from a better angle.
Assiduous scanning added White-fronted, 2 Taiga Bean and a small flock of feral Barnacle Geese to the year total. Pam spotted the latter through a gap in the gate.
Waiting for the gates to open at the crossing, a Marsh Tit made its way along the roof of an unoccupied cottage. Near the riding stables, a Mistle Thrush flew into an enshrouded tree and fed on its ivy berries.
Approaching Repps on the way home, we saw a large flock of Pinks join others in a very undulating harvested sugar beet field. Where could we stop? After driving on and then returning to turn again, we found a spot where the road was wide enough. Oh dear. There were thousands of geese, more flocks whiffling in to join them as we watched. And the sun was low and setting fast. 
Trying a different lane giving a better view of the hollows - but into the sun - I scoped again and managed to identify one of the Orange-legged Tundra Bean Geese. Full house for the day.

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