Thursday, 19 February 2015

Impulse Visit

Wednesday February 18

Wednesdays are busy in that both Freda and Kevin are here, not regularly at this time of year but both to-day.
Kevin took down the rotted raspberry supports, weeded and fleeced the early potato bed, manured the veggie patches (apart from the carrot sowing area) and finished off the bean trench, covering it with black plastic. Excellent.
It was after 2 p.m when Pam suggested an outing. Maybe  Cley?  We hadn't lunched so the Centre was first, to discover that they finish serving at 3.30, closing at 4. It was packed too - half term. Our friendly serving lady questioned why we were so late but 'allowed' us a hot chocolate and a cake. Only 1 scone left so Pam had something else. We did discover that the cafe is closing for 3 weeks as from next Sunday, that will be a significant loss of revenue and the workers have to use up their holiday time. Pat is to be based in a grey shed near the portaloos......
The main aim was to discover the whereabouts of the drake Garganey present for the last week or so. Some people had seen it from the Centre. Not to-day, it was on the Serpentine off East Bank.
There was room in the small car park so we trudged east bank in a cold wind, Pam carrying her scope. That's the first time in probably years, I wasn't carrying mine as my shoulder cuff tear was painful.We stopped about two thirds of the way out, as oncoming birders either hadn't seen it or reported it flying away. Pam decided that, as we were there, she'd scope anyway. After finding 2 elegant designer duck Pintail, she let out a cry of delight. The drake Garganey - another designer triumph - was actually awake and feeding on the edge of a small pool. Well done Pam. A worthwhile impulse visit.
Very early spring record, it has been mooted that it has over-wintered somewhere. Who knows.

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