Saturday, 14 February 2015

Titchwell at last - The Pretty Way

Saturday February 14

Half an hour into our journey, it was still grey overcast with a constant drizzle. We kept talking about going to Natural Surroundings to pay our annual membership fee - necessary in order to go to Moth-ing sessions in the grounds. Pam suggested we call in and have breakfast there. What a good idea.They don't really do a breakfast menu, we both had delicious cheese on toast.
Many improvements to the grounds and plants area by the new owners Simon and Anne Harrop. Well done, everywhere looks tended.
Whilst waiting for our food, we sat and watched the dozens of birds coming to the feeders outside the windows. Mostly Blue Tits and Chaffinches, a few Coal Tits and one Nuthatch. No Marsh Tit to-day. It was a constant blur of activity. I decided to test out my Canon bridge on full mag. through the glass. The Blue Tit is an example.More patience needed for the Coal Tit and Nuthatch, they grab and go.

Pam took this crowded cafe, Great pic !
 It had cleared by the time we reached Titchwell. Seemed less cold too - until we left the shelter of the trees. The western marsh pool has been drained again but held a good number of Dunlin and Ruff. We walked as far as Island Hide, when my back was very painful so we turned back. 
We'd been told that a Water Pipit had been seen on the drained pool so we stopped again and I set up my scope, leaning against the bench. Pam saw a Kingfisher fly along the northern drain and I managed to find it perched in the reeds. Very quickly, it flew again, away from us and then back towards us, joined by another. The two Kingfishers crossed the path and flew towards the freshmarsh from where they later returned.
One birder called a Water Rail at the very back of the muddy pool whilst another spotted a pair of Bearded Tits feeding on the mud around the exposed pipe. Lovely, a good stop. Freezing cheeks encouraged us to the cafe for a latish lunch before making our way home. The Long-tailed Ducks and Spotted Redshank will have to wait for another day.

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