Friday, 10 April 2015


Friday April 10

An afternoon's birding after a morning of moth trap opening, letter writing and then the chiropodist.

A left toe bloodied and bandaged, a right toe, less bloody but sore (corner ingrowing spike, very convex nails), did not bode well for walking. I think Nicky felt guilty too, having to deal with the infected results of my last visit to her. I only go because it's become too hard for me to cut out the corners on my smaller toes.

Hm. Worth a try. We pulled in to a gateway from which we could view the fields east of Weybourne Coastguards Cottages. No luck from there. We had to wait until a vehicle pulled out of the next layby on the coast side of the road. Scanning the hedgerows drew a blank until Pam called 'I've got it'. A splendid Great Grey Shrike had appeared from nowhere to perch on top of a bush - as they do. By the time I'd got my phone and digi adaptor. the bird had flown to the further hedgerow only to return as we drove away! Splendid views though.

Maybe I could photograph the Garganey at Weybourne now that my phone was set up. It hadn't been reported for several days though - and it wasn't there. But, Pam found our first Wheatear, a male, distantly on the slope towards the camp.  At last. 
Whilst deciding which of the reported Ring Ousels to chase, we had a drink and a scone at Cley cafe. Cley Beach and the Eye Field brought two more Wheatears, a male and female, three Golden Plovers and a pristine male White Wagtail.
Too late now to go to Holme for an Ousel, well not really but, it's a long way to Holme and then the drive home.....

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