Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Moths and Migrants

Tuesday April 21

The day started well with two House Martins flying overhead. Very few moths caught overnight at Natural Surroundings, the number caught only just exceeded the number of moth-ers present. There were 15 of us.......
The penultimate moth was a Great Prominent, a new one for us and a lovely moth.

After the almost obligatory drink and chat, we left for Cley and Glandford Lane, past the sewage works to the Ford. Plenty of Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Blue Tit noise on the way there, nothing else singing. 
We parked at the ford, Pam walking as far as the water. My attention was attracted by a Willow Warbler flitting about in low dead stuff very close to the car. I reached for my camera, the warbler had gone but I noticed another picking insects from the tangled vegetation the other side of the small stream. Pam returned to the car which made it move further away. It let forth a stream of loud song and immediately flew away, as Cetti's Warblers invariably do. I managed one photo. As it's my first photo ever of this skulking bird, I will include it.

A Goldcrest made its way along the hedgerow as we left. The return trip was much better. I heard a low chatter, asked Pam to stop and we were engulfed by the song of an extremely close Garden Warbler. A little further on, near the poplar plantation, the liquid gold song of a Nightingale held me entranced for several minutes. We were lucky that no cars came along to force us onwards.

Parking at Cley Centre. we walked towards Bishop's Hide. The hawthorn bushes at the start of the walk had held a showy Grasshopper Warbler. No sign for us, no-one had seen it since early morning. The loud song of a Sedge Warbler, leaving its perch, rising into the air and diving down into a bush was some recompense. A birder told us that Pat's Pool held little of interest so we drove home for a very late first meal of the day, just before 2.00 p.m.

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