Monday, 20 April 2015

Quick Trip

Monday April 20

After a morning spent preparing the bed for, and then planting, the maincrop potatoes, I needed a rest. When Pam had finished edging the lawns, I suggested a trip to Barton Broad. Arctic Terns had been reported from Horsey Mere and Rockland Broad, what were the chances?
One Arctic Tern made its buoyant, bouncy flight amongst the 20 Common Terns at the far side of the broad, before disappearing.
I tried phone-scoping the distant Terns again ........ better photos desired. The colour is a bit odd. Shall continue to practice.

Not as many Great Crested Grebes in view as usual, off breeding I expect.
Willow Warblers sang and showed well. Pam tried to photograph one and got a good photo of its backside. Very sharp!
Whilst processing her pictures to-night, Pam made a surprise discovery. We have an extremely dark female Pheasant visiting the garden. She posed alongside a pale one this morning so Pam took a couple of photos. In the foreground was an out of focus Brambling !

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