Saturday, 11 April 2015

Too Tempting

Saturday April 11 - Saturday

After a morning of heavy showers, the sun appeared, as did news of some good birds in the West Runton car park area. £2.50 for our short stay, a bit steep, yet, very reasonable for day stayers.

The small unofficial passing place on the narrow approach road was full of birders with telescopes poised. We decided to try and view the meadows from the far end of the parking area rather than jostle for room. Over a low part of the hedge - and through the birders arms - I was able to see the male Ring Ousel in flight. Frustrating and not satisfactory though tickable.

Pam drove to a higher part of the field and turned so that I could use my scope from my seat.  An extremely strong wind meant that I had to hold on to my tripod to prevent it from falling over when stood outside. Much better views of the fields from here. Eventually, the Ring Ousel re-appeared, called by Pam,  close over the vegetation in the near field . She made her way along the fence line away from us before disappearing again. The pattern of the day. I had excellent scope views and Pam was happy with hers.

I turned my attention to the six Wheatears present in the far corner, along with a flock of restless Starlings, Jackdaws, Linnets and a large number of Wood Pigeons. Pam then drove to a different place so that we could view the meadows nearer the sea where the Wheatears were feeding. I got my scope out again for another scan, enjoying the Wheatears whilst searching the brambles and fence posts etc for a bird we'd missed so far. The Ousel kept appearing.....One more scan I said, when leaving was agreed. At last.  Uncharacteristically feeding on the ground, the other side of a fence where viewing was hampered by sheets of corrugated iron placed along the bottom, was the male Whinchat. Excellent, we can easily miss them in the spring here, depending on Scotland or the Autumn passage.

Very content we were home in time to watch the Arsenal match, cheering Burnley on !

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