Saturday, 30 May 2015

Norfolk Again

Saturday May 30

Home since last Sunday with very little time for birding. So many gardening and house jobs to catch up with. The cold (warm compared with Scotland)weather with some rain hasn't helped either. I'd hoped for a long day out to catch up with some missed Spring migrants. That will have to wait until Monday, June 1 now. It's been great to see Swifts and House Martins in the village - no Martins on our des. res. artificial nests for the second year running....
Couldn't resist putting the moth trap out three times this week, felt deprived in Scotland. It was far too cold there and the one occasion on which we used the portable trap produced nothing at all.
Not exactly teeming at home, everyone's complaining. Our largest catch has been: 
Sunday May 24 -17 moths of 9 species, 
Tuesday May 26 - 17 of 12
Saturday May 30 - 5 of 5 !

Some of the species we trapped

Brown Silverline

Chocolate Tip

White Ermine
Pebble Prominent

Poplar Hawkmoth

Treble Lines
Blood Vein

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Small Square-spot

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